Montag, 3. Januar 2011

WIP: Kommandoz

And the second "real" post for today. As I already wrote I'm currently building Kommandoz from spare Orkboyz and bits. Here is what they look like so far:

                        The gruesome Boss Snikrot. This is no custom model but the GW standard one.

The Kommandoz-Burnaz are regular burna boyz with the most "kommandoz looking" heads.

The whole Kommandoz mob as it is by now

Here you can see what I did: I took some bits to show the Kommando equipment and make the weapons look more specialized. I also used some plastic tubes to model silencers and modeled leather straps from green stuff that keep the equipment in place.

Three of the Kommandoz. The one in the middle is NOT santa clause. The white "beard" is a modeled piece of cloth in front of his face I made with fimoAir (not as good as green stuff). Here you can also see some green stuff barrets.

                                   Very Kommado-like Ork with berret and customized shoota.

                A selfmade gas mask. That was some hard work if you haven't ever used green stuff before.

                                                                   Rambo (Ork version)

                                               One of the backpacks with a lot of equipment.

 That's it for the moment. Hope you like it. Please feel free to leave me a comment about them.

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  1. Nice work turning these Orks into proper Kommandoz. I particularly like the one with the mask made from fimoAir but they all look really good.