Montag, 3. Januar 2011

WIP: Kommandoz

And the second "real" post for today. As I already wrote I'm currently building Kommandoz from spare Orkboyz and bits. Here is what they look like so far:

                        The gruesome Boss Snikrot. This is no custom model but the GW standard one.

The Kommandoz-Burnaz are regular burna boyz with the most "kommandoz looking" heads.

The whole Kommandoz mob as it is by now

Here you can see what I did: I took some bits to show the Kommando equipment and make the weapons look more specialized. I also used some plastic tubes to model silencers and modeled leather straps from green stuff that keep the equipment in place.

Three of the Kommandoz. The one in the middle is NOT santa clause. The white "beard" is a modeled piece of cloth in front of his face I made with fimoAir (not as good as green stuff). Here you can also see some green stuff barrets.

                                   Very Kommado-like Ork with berret and customized shoota.

                A selfmade gas mask. That was some hard work if you haven't ever used green stuff before.

                                                                   Rambo (Ork version)

                                               One of the backpacks with a lot of equipment.

 That's it for the moment. Hope you like it. Please feel free to leave me a comment about them.

WIP: Stormboyz

So, here it is: my first real update after a long time. It's nothing that exciting though, only some Stormboyz I picked up at the Games Workshop store in Bremen during my vacation there last week.

The whole Stormboyz-mob. 10 Boyz in total.

The nob with powerclaw and trophy-pole.

The nob from a different angle.

Happy new Year!

Happy new year everybody out there.

Tonight I think I'm gonna post the first of the promissed articles. So stay tuned!

Freitag, 24. Dezember 2010

I'm still alive

Shame on me! It's been a long time since I wrote last.

Yes! I'm still alive and still playing Warhammer, so keep hanging on to my Blog :-)

What happened so far?

There have been some 40K matches including my first ever Apocalypse match at our local gaming store. It was fun but took us some hours. It was a 2 on 2 with 10000 Points per side / 5000 Points per person. I made some pics of it that I will post here soon.

I build a deffrolla for my Battlewagon (fully magnetized). These pics will follow as a tutorial.

Finished painting my Big Gunz (kannons). And, you know it, pics will follow.

I've build 15 Kommandoz with 2 Burnaz out of spare Boys and a lot of bits. There is still some work to do, especially some Green Stuff modelling (never did this before). I also ordered a Snikrot model to support these Kommandoz. Hope it will be here soon.

And I bought myself a good digital camera, so the pictures that will come up in the future will be by far better than the ones made with my cell phone.

So long for the moment guys, stay tuned for some updates the next few days / weeks.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Dienstag, 19. Oktober 2010

Tutorial: Magnetizing Deff Dreads

As I bought my Deff Dreads, I did it because they are very flexible in battle. They can function as battle platforms for heavy weapons as well as fighting in close combat.
What I did not thought about at that time was, that the weapons have to be glued to the model if you do it as described in the instructions. That takes away a whole lot of the flexibility of this piece of wargear.

So I decided to magnetize them, so I can equip them as I need 'em. I searched the web for quite a while but did not find any tutorials on how to do this. So I tried it by myself...and: it worked!

So I decided to post a short tutorial on how to do this (or how I did it at least).

Here is what you need to magnetize the Deff Dreads: a (GW) model drill, glue and magnets of course. There are many other drills, so you don't need the one by GW. It's only important that the size of the drill fits the diameter of your magnets (maybe it should be a half millimeter bigger).
The glue should be designed to glue metal AND plastic, because this is exactly what we want to do.
Magnets can be ordered via the internet and aren't very expensive at all.

The magnets I use are very tiny. The picture above shows a single magnet and my finger for size comparison. The magnets must be small enough to fit in the models joint (as I will show below) and strong enoug to hold the weight of the weapons (which is luckily not that much at this case).

As I thought about magnetizing the Deff Dread, I was unsure if I can drill a little pit in its hull or if I would accidently drill a hole in it, so that the magnet don't fit anymore.
It is a bit tricky but possible. But you have to be very careful not to drill too deep. I drilled the pit inside the already existing pit in which the "ball-joint" of the weapons will come to rest and glued a magnet in it.

Now for another tricky part: drilling a pit in the "ball-joints" of the weapons. It's a bit hard to get the drill to grip. Nevermind if you don't hit the middle exactly, the results will still look okay. But make sure that the pit has a constant edge so that the glue can't flow out. And watch for your fingers while drilling ;-)

Important: watch for the correct polarization of the magnets on the Deff Dread and on the weapons. There is nothing more annoying than glueing the magnet wrong side up so that the weapon is pushed away by it. And getting an already glued magnet out of it socket is quite an ugly work (believe me, I did that mistake).

 And here are the results of the work. The Deff Dreads and all the available weapon options. As you can see, the magnets can not lift the whole weight of the melee arms, so their tips are hanging down. But I think that is not that bad.

I hope this short tutorial will help you to also make your Deff Dread as flexible as it is supposed to be wihout buying 6 of them for every weapon option ;-)


Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

Tutorial: Building Ghazghkull Thraka from Waaaghboss

Hello again.

Yesterday I showed you the Waaaghboss model which I found had the Powerclaw of Ghazgkull Thraka. To use it as Ghazgkull, it needed a Mega-armor.
I could not withstand and started converting this model yesterday evening and wanted to share the results with you:

This is the guy before the conversion

Some bits that I'm going to use

First I picked some bits that I wanted to use for this model. These are mostly from a Gargbot and Battlewaggon sprue. The horns are of a Wartrukk sprue. Grenades and jaw are from standard Orkboys.
I used the armor-plates or the Gargbot and the Battlewaggon to model the Mega armor from them

The feet are made of Gargbot feet and again, armor plates of the Battlewaggon. Both needed to be cut to fit the model.

Grenades and horns are just details to cover the look of the original model.

I consider this still work in progress. I think I will close some of the gaps with plastic card and green stuff (especially the parts on its back).
But I think this is useable as a Ghazghkull Thraka.

Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

What's up next?

So, what am I going to do next? Of Course there is a lot of paintwork to do.
But there are some other things on my list:

- I'm going to post a short tutorial on magnetizing the Deff Dread Weapons
- I will build a Deathrolla for my Battletank and will try to post a tutorial about this.

And there is some more. A friend of mine of my 40K gaming Club gave me a box of old orks. There were some nice treasures in it. One of it was this Waaaghboss:
Im not quite sure what this is. Because it has the Powerclaw that looks like the one of Ghazghkull Trakka, but the body and the weapon looks like a standard Waaghboss.
I'm going to try to build a Ghazghkull out of it, but I'm not sure how to make it look mighty enough to compete with the Mega-armor that he wears usually. We will see.